Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Fool

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The Fool

With time, distances between celestial objects increase because the universe stretches and continues to expand exponentially. In essence, it means that the universe has a specific plan...even if we do not realize it.

In a way, we are all indispensable pieces that operate this machine of high-precision that our world is. There is no fate. It is sad to say, but it has all been written...planned well in advance. We are only accomplishing our task, so that the universe can continue existing and growing.

Free will is an illusion. Having the feeling that you make a decision when you put one foot in front of the other, gives us that satisfying feeling that we have control over our lives. However, life is like a horse that you simply cannot tame.

It would only require one cog to turn away from its role for this well-oiled machine to loose control and cause its entire destruction. And for the moment, I have its destiny in my hands.

In the end, happiness, misfortune, wealth, and poverty are all insignificant and have no importance. What makes the substance of an existence is not what we live, but the way we picture our life.

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