Thursday, February 12, 2015


Escape is always offered as a kind of fantasy, divorced from this world... whether it's Disneyland, religion, or one's own idea of happiness. I have had my own moment of truth: I also want to be free and happy. But I am unable to detach myself, so I run... fueled by my two competing desires:  to escape this world I have been carrying on my shoulders and to be worthy of this world.

It is here that we obtain a deeper understanding. The world is not simply some romantic postcard notion of life. It is difficult and sad. Infused by death. It requires something from us. It is the context of death that provides value to these fleeting moments. But the world is also full of everyday moments that mean something. Moments that connect us to one another. Moments that we will remember forever. Moments that might very well mean the world.

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