Saturday, February 8, 2014

Is It Enough To Just Get By?

There are an estimated 7.2 billion people alive on the planet right now. Odds are, roughly 60 million of them die annually. The law of averages suggest that about 160 thousand die each day. I believe it was Orson Welles that suggested we begin and end life alone; but everything in between is simply an illusion. That simple fact used to keep me awake at night: a chronic insomnia. Now, I find that Welles and I both espouse that belief, as my time on this world soldiers on. We all die alone.

So I beg the question, why am I supposed to spend my life working and struggling? Is it simply to support or subsidize an illusion? No amount of friends, women, ivy league education, imported cars, big homes, impressive careers, entrepreneurship accolades, or suffixes at the end of my name will help me escape my inevitable fate.

It becomes difficult to shake the awareness of your mortality, once it steps out from the shadows and makes itself known to you. Unfortunately, it begins to make the mundane routine of your life seem meaningless. Now, before you write me off as a depressed fatalist, realize that I have been depressed in the past... It was an acute episode and I can honestly say I am not suffering from depression or any comorbidity. This is a revelation... a sudden realization. It is a poignant moment of clarity.

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  1. Being a young man, I believe you are beginning to enter the "where the fuck is my life going" mode. It is a lingering phase of self-analysis that is quite difficult to ignore.
    I think you know me well enough to have a good handle on exactly where I have been and who I am Chris. So I am now promising you, that if you can stay focused and continue to pay attention to people and the details of life as you will eventually arrive at the precise place where you belong. This is a very good thing in your case Chris, because I can honestly say that you are a serious gem of a human being and quite frankly the best friend I have ever had. Your friendship has helped to transform me, and I am eternally grateful to have met such an outstanding person...and don't forget to take your probiotics xoxo