Thursday, January 2, 2014

An Incredibly Stupid Question

After arriving at work earlier this morning, one of my colleagues made the observation that not only did I look unhappy but I looked as if life had passed me by. I wasn't all that surprised. After all, I was quite unhappy. I bit my tongue and repressed the urge to say that, not only had life passed me by, but I believe it paused along the way and spit in my face. I suspect they could read the subtext…

You can argue that it is impossible to stay in any relationship very long without concealing what you really think. Being in love means not actually saying what’s on your mind. Despite the plethora of “RomCom”
(situation romantic comedies or love story) movies that inundate our theaters, I find that real life is hardly akin to what is portrayed on the silver screen. Falling in love or finding romance is something that most adults have experienced in their lives. The theme is universal and encourages the moviegoer to make a number of unhealthy comparisons. It ultimately leads to the question: Why can’t our love be like that? Perhaps this is a box best left unopened.

I've noticed that Hollywood rarely makes any films about long-term couples. Things change once you've been together for five years…or more. We've become the boring or predictable sequel to the original film, which no one in their right mind would pay good money to see. Despite this, I venture onward. You may call me unimaginative, but I cannot see myself being with anyone else. On our worst days, I figure things will work themselves out. Otherwise, I try not to think about it much. It doesn't do me any good anyway. What more could she want?

It was an incredibly stupid question. Hollywood characters might chase one another down in some quasi-romantic fashion or perhaps follow each other in some seemingly futile transcontinental voyage that somehow ends in a hopelessly-romantic, grandiose, and over-the-top happy ending where the boy gets the girl or vice versa. However, real love equates to withholding the truth… even when you are offered the perfect opportunity to hurt someone’s feelings. I wish that I had said something to that end at the time… but I did not. I wish this was a box that I could unopen, 
re-wrap, and place quietly under the tree for another year.

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