Monday, April 29, 2013

What Are Twitter Cards?

Example Twitter Card
Twitter Card Example (above)
You may have been seeing people talking about the new Twitter Cards and wondering to yourself "what exactly are they and can I use them?"  Twitter cards are a way to expand a tweet to show information through a small card like graphic that is placed on your website using HTML. For an example of a Twitter card please see the image to the left.

Twitter cards can be an excellent way to showcase to your Twitter followers interesting or important facts and tweets that you have sent out over the course of your time there. There are many kinds of Twitter cards that you can use to show your real Twitter followers, including a summary card, Photo card, gallery cards and product cards.

Each type of card has their own special kinds of applications, before using them make sure that you read the documentation links for the ones you wish to use. As Twitter grows in leaps and bounds, the variety of ways that you can market your business to your real Twitter followers has grown right along with it. While this is just one improvement, there are many more that we will be covering over the next few weeks. Marketing your business on Twitter just became easier and more streamlined thanks to your real Twitter followers and Twitter’s development team!

Interested in learning more? Click the Twitter Cards link above and it will direct you to their developer documents. I am in the process of consulting with a Massachusetts political candidate on integrating these with his Twitter account and website to keep his followers up to date! I've also introduced him to NFC (near field communication) and plan on integrating that with his Twitter Feed, website, and business cards! Contact me for more details...

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