Thursday, July 26, 2012

Give & Take

You seem too good. Too good to be true.
You're holding me stronger; stronger than I'm used to.
A gift that I carried for weeks before giving to someone special
A Promise is never broken
Don't go out with the boys tonight;
I won't sleep a wink wondering what you're doing.
Don't go out with the girls tonight;
I will turn to drink wondering who you're screwing.
You seem too good, too good to be true.
I'm loving you longer, longer than I'm used to.
I let go. I fell in.
Feel the pull. Call your name.
I'm alone. Once again.
I cannot keep my path, when I cannot stay motivated.
I cannot pay my dues, when it becomes too complicated.
I'm alone. Once again.

You will never know how much strength and courage you brought into my life.

And as the day comes closer to an end, I find no reason to pretend.
At last, I feel I am closer to a beginning.
I'm alone. Once again.


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